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  1. Cuddledry bath mat

    Cuddledry bathmat



    These supersoft bathmats from Cuddledry are available in a lovely aqua colour and change colour with body heat – neon yellow footprints appear like magic when hot little feet, fresh from the bath, land on the mat!

    Hours of fun for all the family - and no more problems getting the kids to get out of the bath!  Hilarious, funky and fun!

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  2. successful parenting

    The Seven Secrets of Successful Parenting



    • Do you worry about your child’s behaviour?
    • Do you ever nag or shout and wish you hadn’t?
    • Do you give in to your child to avoid confrontation?
    • Do you feel anxious that your child is unhappy or falling behind at school?
    • Or do you simply long for a happier home?

    Karen and Georgia identify SEVEN unique parenting styles and lead you to discover the one that works best for you. 

    They also help you to

    • ditch the guilt
    • build on your strengths
    • boost your confidence
    • feel inspired to try new and innovative ideas
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  3. baby sense

    the Baby Sense Secret Book



    Some of the most common parental concerns in baby's first year are things like; why is baby crying, how do I get baby to sleep well and how do I make time for myself? The answers to these questions and more, lie in a baby's sensory world.


    The Babysense Secret is based on the simple idea, that by observing your baby, you can determine when he wants to sleep, feed, or interact with you and thereby establish a routine structured around your baby's needs. This routine will lay the groundwork for a calm and contented first year, ensuring positive early sensory experiences leading to a happier childhood.


    Special features provide information and top tips on popular parenting subjects, such as baby massage, colic remedies and caring for premature babies. So for a happier, more contented child, create a routine based around your baby.

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