Baby (0-24 months)


  1. sleeved wonder bib

    sleeved wonder bib


    All the features of the Wonder Bib, plus full upper body cover – for those times when you really need your baby’s outfit to last more than one mealtime!  Great for messy play too!

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  2. bandana wonder bib

    bandana wonder bib


    The brilliant wonderbib is a must for all babies. It's made from 100% cotton and is the most absorbent bib around. The wonderbib gives protection to baby's providing instant relief from irritation (ideal for teething babies!!). They were designed to make life a little easier while dealing with reflux, spills, dribblers, eczema & even messy eaters. The added bonus is, this trendy bib doesn’t cover baby’s outfit. Learn More
  3. Wallaboo Changing Bag

    Wallaboo Changing Bag


    This highly functional and stylish bag has everything a mum on the go needs; separate pouch for nappies and wipes, thermal bottle  holder to keep drinks warm or cold, a changin pad and zipper dry bag.  Fleece trim available from peas or beans in 6 colours.

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